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  • Affordable local remote and on-site assistance to help your people in the moment of need.

  • Personally tailored advice to support your technology decision-making

  • Managed Services to keep your key business systems running smoothly



to your SUCCESS

Real-Time Support

A live, local person who knows you to help you in the moment of need any time, day or night.



Make your technology decisions with the help of a seasoned pro



Keep your team up to speed as technology changes

Legal Pros


Specialized services for law firms.



Love your telecom provider!


The Schroeder Consultancy started from a simple premise -- To do well by doing good. In the beginning, that just meant fixing computers and helping people. While we've grown into a full-service MSP, The Schroeder Consultancy continues to be defined by three unique characteristics that allow us to provide great value for best-of-breed services.


1. People First. We understand that technology is a tool to get things done, not an end in and of itself. We look a little deeper to ensure that we're fixing the problem, not just the error message. We also understand that the right solution might differ depending on the person who needs the help. We work hard to create the solution that works for the person, the budget, and the business. 

2. The Right Fit. What's best for you isn't necessarily what's easiest for us. We find the best tools for your organization, rather than shoehorning you into predetermined set of products because they're easy for us. We want to succeed by helping you prosper, and that means putting in the extra work to find the right fit for you. We work hard to be the tech team that feels like it's on your team.

3. Managed Services -  These days most everyone who provides IT services on an ongoing basis calls themselves Managed Service Providers.  At TSC, we look at that role a little differently. We're not here just to provide services. We're here to be in service to our clients. Sometimes that means a new product or service, and sometimes that's helping stretch current assets in deference to the budget. In short, we're IT experts in service to help you manage the technology piece of your business.

TSC is a very specific business that meets the needs of a few select clients. Our goal isn't to outgrow our roots, it's to do well by doing good in our community and to create a positive impact over time. We do that by focusing on relationships and leveraging our skills to help others.  Our services don’t fit the needs of every organization, but our affordable rates and personalized service make for a great fit for a few small local businesses... Maybe yours :)

Managed Services


All the help you need, in one tailored package. Let us be your IT department.

CONTACT The Schroeder Consultancy


PO Box 183, Eugene, OR 97440

Tel:  541.357.7241

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