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Running a small business presents unique challenges and selecting the proper business systems for your organization can be a confusing process. That's why we provide business consulting services. Large enterprise solutions are often not cost-effective or realistic for small businesses. We can help you find scalable, professional business systems and services that fit your needs and your budget.

Most large providers do not have the ability or the interest to tailor services to small businesses. They have a product to sell and often shoe-horn your needs into one of their predetermined packages, frequently selling you features that you do not need. We can help you select simple best-of-breed systems that give you the power and control you need without paying for unnecessary extras.

Our consulting services are tailored to your needs and provided with an eye to customer service.  Nobody likes calling large service providers and wading through endless options only to end up with a customer service associate who is interested only in finding the quickest route to closing the call. We always consider the customer service side of the equation when recommending solutions. 


As a client you will always have one number to call to sort out any issues you may encounter. We will act as your advocate and make sure you are treated with the respect that you deserve.

The Schroeder Consultancy

PO Box 183

Eugene, OR 97440

Tel:  541.357.7241

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