Business Continuity

Your data is one of your most valuable business assets. From customer data to accounting records, a data loss can be catastrophic to your organization. That's why we provide business continuity services. 

We take a comprehensive view of business continuity and balance it against cost so that you can concentrate on your business knowing that you are safe from hardware failures (or the dreaded accidental file deletion) without breaking the bank.

This most often means striking a balance between cost and functionality. Small businesses are unique in that for many the cost of maintaining redundant infrastructure is often not offset by the risk of a few hours of downtime. This means that proper planning and simple backups can often prove a better solution than a large capital investment in redundant systems. We can help you find the proper balance between cost and functionality so that you can know exactly how to recover from data loss, hardware failure, or disaster.

Of course if you have the need, we can also help you select and implement fully redundant infrastructure or help you leverage best-of-breed services to ensure that your business systems stay up and running with enterprise level reliability.

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