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Managed Services

At TSC, we have a slightly different take on Managed Services. We start with being in service.


Every organization needs a different mix of products and services to be successful. We partner with you to find the right recipe for you, rather than trying to shoehorn a set of predetermined solutions into your organization. We take a personal interest in your success and help find ways to fit the need, fit the people, and fit the budget - so that you can concentrate on your passion without having to worry about technology.  Just think of us as your IT department :)


Some of our common solutions include:

  • Remote management for workstations and servers - Isn't it better to sip your morning coffee and read an email about an overnight issue that's already resolved than it is to walk in the door to a problem? We think so. We set up an alarm if the server goes down and we can log on & fix it - 24x7x365.

  • Security services. Threats, exploits, viruses, ransomware, phishing, scareware... All that.  Think big-bad firewall between you and the outside world :)

  • Productivity solutions. This encompasses everything from Microsoft Office to online storage to working together to find the right vertical-market solution for your needs.

  • Remote access. It's nice to be able to work from home... Or the beach. We can help you do just about anything that you do in the office from just about anywhere you'd like.

  • Data Safety. Whether you need traditional backups or more modern solutions like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, we're there to help you figure it out, set it up, and keep it running with a minimum of fuss.

  • Hardware Service. If it does break, we've got the screwdrivers and we know how to use 'em.

  • Networking. We're experts in helping technology communicate. Wired, wireless, or smoke-signals - We make it fast, reliable and unobtrusive.

  • Unusual Devices and Software. Not every tech team can make sure that your plasma cutting table, your x-ray machine, or your broadcast automation system work as intended. We don't know every solution out there, but we know how to suss it out and resolve the issue, then keep it working as intended.

  • Technical Support. Wouldn't it be nice to have somebody on a string who's technical, personable, and local to talk to when you have trouble? We're people-first and happy to help!

  • Communications. Would you like to know that you're making good decisions around your phone service, Internet service, and wireless services? We can help advise you and also offer services (when it's the right fit) as part of an overall strategy so that either way, everything works together seamlessly.

  • Budgeting and Policy. Internal IT teams do a lot more than resolve technical issues. They regularly work with Management, Accounting, and HR departments to help work up (and stretch) budgets, craft acceptable use policies, and advise on legislation such as HIPAA. There is a point where we need to punt to your legal team, but for many common needs, we can  help work directly with your front office as a regular part of our service.

Being in service also means that we work hard to find the right relationship. This might mean that you call us when you need us, keep us on a retainer, or set up a standard monthly package of services and products that evens out your monthly spend while allowing flexibility so that you don't find yourself stressing over surprises. In short, we're IT experts in service to help you manage the technology piece of your business.

So if there's some way we can be of service to you, just give us a buzz! We'll chat and see if it's a good fit :)

The Schroeder Consultancy

PO Box 183

Eugene, OR 97440

Tel:  541.357.7241

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