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In-The-Moment Support

Sometimes a quick answer can make all the difference.


That's why I make myself and my team available throughout the day to support you and your people in the moment of need. We get to know your individual needs so that we can provide tailored support that fits each person individually. You can give us a call right when you need us and we can provide advice and remote assistance in real-time so that you and your people always have the help you need when you need it.


Of course, support is only helpful when it’s available. This is why we give you the option to make ourselves available during off-hours and provide phone, remote-access and on-site support services 24x7x365 - Because support that’s not available or too expensive to use doesn’t help anybody.


Scheduled Support

Support and maintenance - On your schedule.


Sometimes it's best to gather a list of ongoing issues and schedule a time to address, prioritize and make a plan to work through them. That's why we're available for conference calls, on-site visits and off-site meetings. We'll do whatever it takes to meet the needs of you and your organization. We can even schedule certain functions, such as software updates to happen automatically on a weekly, monthly or annual basis automagically.

The Schroeder Consultancy

PO Box 183

Eugene, OR 97440

Tel:  541.357.7241

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