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Many small businesses have long-term employees who may not have had the opportunity to move their technical skills forward over time. We understand that individual people have individual needs and work to tailor solutions to fit the people who will be using them. The most technically advanced tools in the world won't work if they overwhelm and perplex the people trying to use them. Conversely, the simplest solution may not be the best for an office full of tech-savvy power-users. 


In the end, it's people who get the job done and the tools are just there to enable them. That's why we are available to help bring your people up to speed with patient, tailored training offerings that provide the exact skills people need while helping each individual in a way that helps them master the skills they need to succeed.

The Schroeder Consultancy

PO Box 183

Eugene, OR 97440

Tel:  541.357.7241

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